Bottom To Tha Top, Is tha beginning of
tha end Meaning, "Tha Last Shall
Be First" It Is tha Hope of tha
Forgotten; Tha Last. It is tha Gutter; It
is tha Determined. It Is tha Weak and
tha Strong, tha Poor and Rich. It is tha
Endurance of tha Never Give Up. It Is
tha Believer; It is tha Faith Is takes to
be a Receiver. It is tha Achiever. It Is
tha Overcoming of tha Griever. tha
Deceiver, It Is tha cannot be stopped
and tha one that won't Stop. It Is tha
one that was counted out. It Is...

Bottom To Tha Top Clothing Co.

It's the beginning of the end,
meaning, the last shall be first.
The hope of the forgotten It's the determined, the weak and
strong, poor and rich.
It's the endurance of the never give up
It's the believer
It's the faith of the receiver the achiever
It's the overcoming of the griever the deceiver.
It's the one that can't stop It's the one that want stop, It's the
one that was counted out. It is

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